How to become a CAS Hub

The aim of the Hub in a Box resource is to provide prospective Hub Leaders and newly appointed Hub Leaders with access to information and resources that will enable them to get up and running with ease during the first year.

Hub Leader Expression of Interest Survey

If you are considering becoming a CAS Hub leader, please take a few moments to fill in our Hub Leader EOI survey below. This will provide the CAS Hub team with some basic information that is required when setting up a CAS Hub.

Step 1

In the first instance by becoming a CAS Hub there are some deliverables that Hub Leaders need to commit to in order to run an effective Hub. These are as follows:

Commitment from Hub Group leaders

Ø  All Hub Leaders need to be enrolled as CAS members. This is free and can be done by visiting

Ø  We require Hub groups to meet at least three times a year (usually once per term).

Ø  You will give at least one month’s notice of your meetings to ensure maximum promotion and gain maximum attendance.

Ø  You agree to use the CAS Eventbrite account (online event software) to set up and promote your events.

Ø  You need to ensure that the focus of every meeting is to support computing activities in the classroom.

Ø  You will need to obtain feedback from attendees to ascertain group requirements in order to offer targeted meeting programmes in the future.

Ø  Ensure that all resources used in the CAS Hub meeting are uploaded on to CAS Resources section on CAS community online after the meeting.

In return for your commitment as a Hub Leader, CAS will then support you in running your Hub in the following way:

Commitment from CAS hubs support

Ø  Provide you with access to training and resources to help you run your Hub effectively.

Ø  Telephone/email support.

Ø  Participation in hubleader@cas closed mailing list for Hub leaders only.

Ø  Sign up to Hub Mentor/Buddy system (if you want to work with more experienced hub leaders or be a buddy to new hub leaders).

Ø  Reimburse small scale refreshments for meetings (< £3 a head).

Step 2 (set up)

Once you have become a CAS member and are able to commit to the deliverables as described above, you will need to provide some information to your contact on the CAS Central Hub Team.

The information you will need to provide so your Hub can be set up is as follows:

Ø  Name(s) of Hub leader (who must be a CAS member).

Ø  CAS community profile page of hub leader must have a recent clear portrait photo attached.

Ø  Postcode of host venue (for location purposes on CAS map). This is also used to determine a CAS member’s nearest hub and listed in their profile page.

Ø  Proposed Name of hub, either town name or geographical area NOT a school name

Ø  One paragraph of introduction for the Hub webpage on the CAS website.

Ø  Proposed date/time/duration for first meeting.

Step 3 (set up training)

Once you have been set up as a CAS hub you can then request training to help you to get up and running. The training will focus on the following aspects:

Ø  Planning events.
Ø  Using Eventbrite (online event software) to set up and promote your events.
Ø  Setting up an email contact list to advertise your events to schools in your area.
Ø  How to obtain feedback from attendees to ascertain group requirements in order to offer targeted meeting programmes in the future.
Ø  How to manage resources for events.
Ø  Claiming expenses.

If you want to take advantage of this training please contact

Step 4

Access to further resources.

Ø  Running a CAS Regional Hub (you will need to be signed in as a CAS member to access this)
Ø  National curriculum in England: computing programmes of study
Ø  Computing ITT & CPD


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